Special Projects

Community Partners 

We both initiate and invite collaborations with diverse community partners to bring wonderful projects and art shows to Portland neighborhoods.  Kudos to the Foundations, Businesses, Non-Profits and Individuals who make our work possible. Sample projects below.

Columbia River Stories

As part of the regional Confluence Project, artists from Earth Arts NW collaborated with Harvey Scott elementary students and teachers to create stories about the Columbia River region. Columbia River Stories follows the Confluence of Cultures that shaped our region’s history from 1700 to the present. The stories begin in a Coastal Tillamook Village, then accompany Lewis … Continue reading Columbia River Stories

Cully Community Design

Here’s a glimpse of a Community Design project completed in 2014. Through a grant from the Portland Development Commission ( PDC)… NAYA and the Cully Blvd. Alliance invited Earth Art’s artist Robin Chilstrom to work with Kids from the Community Transitional School and Hacienda CDC , both in Portland’s NE Cully Neighborhood.