Stories of Cascadia

Grades K-5, Regional Species, Literacy, Language Arts, Multi-Arts

Using curriculum targeted for grade-level success, students:

  • Learn about regional species through classroom study (using biographies we provide, or, through student research).
  • Join in adding details to a “Map of Place” – the setting for our story
  • Journal ideas and images for in-class sharing to help develop our stories
  • Using theater skills prompts, work in teams to create character details
  • Work in teams to make important story choices
  • Create contextual lyrics for songs within the story
  • Join in interactive readings of our finished story
  • Add story details, cover and spot illustrations and additional content, “authoring” their individual storybooks.

Companion Visual Art project options:

  • K-3: Species Puppets
  • K-3: Species headband Masks
  • 4-5: Species Masks

Companion Theater Art option:

  • Live-Action Storytelling for an audience

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