Earth Protectors

Grades 4-5-6: Art, Literacy, the Environment

The Sample Residency below is one format we offer. This residency focus is also available without the “comic book” intensive component. Still included, however, are extended opportunities for individual student illustration.

Weekly (12-14, 55 min. sessions) include:

  • Topical discussions of environmental challenges
  • Student debate of and advocacy for topics of interest
  • Student teamwork researching factual details for our story
  • Group ideation of a setting for our story
  • Collaboratively created outline of our story and story characters
  • Individual and team collaboration: character biographies and illustrations.
  • Text and page dialogue completed in teams
  • Storyboarding and page illustration completed in teams
  • Editing and digital layout by artists in collaboration with students
  • Students digitally format text
  • Teams publish and assemble the story-comics.
  • Student artwork is shared via school-site art show and online.
  • Option: Comics (or Story) may be published for wider distribution