Earth Arts Residencies 2016

Earth Arts NW  offers these multi-arts, curriculum-integrated residencies for the 2016-17 school year. For more options check out our Residency Archive.

Stories of Cascadia

Grades K-5, Regional Species, Literacy, Language Arts, Multi-Arts Using curriculum targeted for grade-level success, students: Learn about regional species through classroom study (using biographies we provide, or, through student research). Join in adding details to a “Map of Place” – the setting for our story Journal ideas and images for in-class sharing to help develop our stories Using theater skills prompts, work in teams … Continue reading Stories of Cascadia

History Tales

Grades 3-4-5 ART, LITERACY AND SOCIAL STUDIES FOCUS: Residencies use Columbia River Stories as a springboard for new work. Each story intersects with the village of Celilo along the Columbia River-a site of great historic significance.

Earth Protectors

Grades 4-5-6: Art, Literacy, the Environment The Sample Residency below is one format we offer. This residency focus is also available without the “comic book” intensive component. Still included, however, are extended opportunities for individual student illustration. Weekly (12-14, 55 min. sessions) include: Topical discussions of environmental challenges Student debate of and advocacy for topics of … Continue reading Earth Protectors

Species Masks

Grades 4-6,7-12: Art, Natural History, Literacy, Social Studies

Mapping Me

GRADES 4-8: art, literacy, culture and identity: Weekly (9, 55 min. sessions) include: Personal Journaling and Family Interviews Story of self Mixed media exploration Overview of Symbolic Language used by World Cultures Developing a personal Iconography 2-D design Classroom discussions cultural identity symbolic representation Student Art Show If you’re interested in more information about Mapping Me Residencies, contact us: