Workshop Offerings

Species Mask Making

Wonderful Cascadian Species Masks! Over the last 10 years, Artist-Educator Robin Chilstrom has been developing a series of paper mask patterns through her work with students.  Now we’re inviting everybody to join us in creating their own species masks, using basic patterns we provide. Just below you’ll find a sample mask pattern with instructions. Feel free to print it … Continue reading Species Mask Making

Earth Stories

As of 2022, the Earth Stories project is now moving forward under the publication imprint: Storieseed, implemented by Dreaming Earth Press.

21st Century Folk Tales…

Everything we create begins with just an idea. It happens when someone, somewhere, has an idea which they develop, nurture and realize. We want to support our community in shaping and sharing the good ideas that are being realized today. We honor creative exploration, sustainable change, visionary transformation and personal and planetary healing through the medium … Continue reading 21st Century Folk Tales…

Earth Songs

Join us in learning, singing and creating Earth Chants. First we’ll share songs already written, then we’ll create lyrics, “catch a melody” and create a collaborative Earth Song.  Your group song (or songs) will be scored and published digitally so you’ll be able to download and share them with family and friends. Our Fall workshop series is coming … Continue reading Earth Songs