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EARTH ARTS nw is an Arts and Humanities program based in Portland, OR. Since 2003, we’ve integrated learning and awareness of Pacific NW eco-systems, history and culture into outcome-based art activities and events.

We have expanded our outreach and now partner with Portland’s Cerimon House, a non-profit Humanities and Cultural Arts organization in NE Portland. Our goals encompass work with children, families and the community-at-large.

We plan to continue supporting children in multi-arts learning that nurtures their connectedness to the Earth. And we are creating new ways to engage them in imagining and sharing their ideas for an equitable, sustainable 21st century world.

We also engage with our diverse community in seasonal gatherings, events and multi-faceted workshops that invite self-expression, creative visioning and collaborative action – seeds that strengthen community bonds and inspire our journey together through life.

Special Thanks to Marlene Andrejco for Earth Day 2016 photos